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Published: July 19, 2024


I'm professor Christopher Neal and I want to show you a scientific method to increase the size of the cavernosa, enlarge your penis and get huge erections. The results of this method are clear: your penis will be bigger and thicker, your erections will last longer, you'll improve your sex life, providing your partner at least 5 continuous orgasms. Instead of giving promises, I offer you medical and lab results that prove that this product will increase your masculinity and enlarge your erection for up to 30 to 40 more minutes.

A test is available for Brooklyn residents until July 5.

Answer all the questions on the test and you will help with the current research and get a discount on the bottle. Questions prepared by Professor Christopher Neal.

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How many inches do you want to enlarge your penis?
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Doesn't matter if it's the first or tenth time you try to end this embarrassing problem: I have the greatest news for you, better than any other thing you've read about other methods to enlarge your penis.

If you have tried to enlarge your penis or fix your erectile dysfunction you already know that the weights and pumps are worthless, and everything is as embarrassing as it was before. But know I will help you end this suffering whenever you take off your pants in front of a girl.

On the other hand, if it's your first time trying to enlarge your masculinity or fix ED, then you are going to skip so much embarrassment and rejection from women. Because they will fall in love with your penis and will want it inside of them.

You will also save hundreds of dollars that you would end up wasting for useless products.

I want to show you real photos of Martin, who, with the help of my method, grew his penis up to 3.6 inches and prolonged his sexual relations up to 32 minutes.

The documented results of Martin's 4-week treatment:

  • He grew his penis 3.6 inches without using pumps or weights.
  • His penis grew thicker by a 63% and he can have sex at least 5 continuous times.
  • He achieved steel hard erections everytime he wanted to have sex.
  • Keeps a long-lasting powerful erection, providing his partner amazing orgasms.
  • His libido improved as well as his testosterone levels, including more energy and endurance in bed.
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How old are you?
Your answers will help in the research of Professor Christopher Neal
The priority in the study at the moment was given to the age group of
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Martin's results aren't a miracle

They are proved by many different medical tests. They measured the concentrations of testosterone and the quantity and size of the inner tissue of the organism of the volunteers, before and after the treatment. In the end, they repeated the process but included more people. The effectiveness of this method wasn't only proved with the volunteers of these tests, it was proved by real clients too. Their stories are always very emotive.


With Vitrenix he became really POWERFUL

There's no flame in bed? After taking this pill, I no longer have space for tiredness when in bed. I'm 38 years old, 7.9 inches and, just rediscovered sex!

After a month of use I realized that they were just 100% confident in their product and after my thirty day course ended I ordered more to get an even better result and I never regret my decision. I've purchased many similar products without getting any results, and these are the only pills that have worked, proved by me and my friends.

Moreover, there is now a special offer: you can answer questions on the website and get a bottle with a 50% discount, so I strongly recommend that you do not miss this opportunity!

William Hurst, 38 years


You must have it!

Vitrenix is the best solution to get a powerful penis. If you take them, you'll have energy and will always want to do it. You will have supersex, no women will ever forget you. With my 7.7 inches huge dick, no women will ever say no. Fully recommended!


Daniel Read, 31 years


Can a man be happy with a 4 inch dick???

It was my tragedy. I felt embarrassed while talking with women, I was afraid of them laughing at me during sex

I read about these penis enlargement pills on the bodybuilding forum. I decided to try them just out of curiosity and because they gave a good discount, so I had nothing to lose.

The result: 4.8 extra inches of dick and no more depression. I wasn't simply satisfied with this result I was really happy!!!

All the girls get wet when they see my "pole"

It's great that I ordered a bottle so cheap because it looks like the promotion will end soon

Harvey Carroll, 23 years


My wife wants to take me to bed

I'm not gonna lie, I felt terrible when my wife didn't want to do it with me, and when she finally agreed, I could see in her eyes that she was already bored.

I finally took the decision to get these pills, because you don't have to follow a strict diet or any kind of exercise, so almost no one noted great changes in my lifestyle.

Thanks to these pills my penis grew up to 4.3 extra inches and could last longer in bed. My erections were like rock. Now I can make her cum at least 5 times in a row and I can hear her scream with pleasure.

Ethan Conway, 35 years


It works!

My issue wasn't having a small penis because mine already was 5.6 inches long. But, what could I lose by trying? It was amazing how much it grew, up to 8.8 inches. Now, it's a real monster, I believe that even people from Africa don't have it as big as me. It barely fits in my pants, but women like to be relentlessly fucked.

I believe it didn't grow that much because I already had a good length. But still, the results are impressive.

Scott Skinner, 26 years


The fastest method to enlarge your penis.

I like having everything in order, that's why every day I checked the results of the treatment. The first few days my penis grew 0.3 inch. A week later it grew an extra inch and in 14 days another 1.1 inches. In total, my penis grew an extra 3.4 inches in 30 days, also, I got 60-minute erections. The results are impressive.

Marcus Bonilla, 32 years


Goodbye to fake orgasms

Since I was a child, my friends laughed at my small penis in the pool. When I turned 18, I started flirting, but I felt insecure because I thought I was going to be rejected by my 4.8 inch penis. And that's what happened... By a struck of luck, Vitrenix , made it grow faster. Before it was 4.8 inch during an erection, now it's 6.5 when flaccid! This really works.

Donald Tatum, 29 years


5 orgasms in 23 minutes

I never thought that for a few dollars I could increase my penis. Oh boy, it grew, and now my erections last 8 times longer. It's bigger and harder and my girl loves it. This product is amazing. Now all my sessions end with a big orgasm scream. It always gets hard and never fails me!


Aaron Shores, 30 years


There's no better method to get a bigger dick

Before I started using Vitrenix I had many failed attempts, so much that I started feeling awful. A friend of mine recommended me this product. It took a few moments just to recover my ability and self-confidence.

They barely fit in their mouths and I'm always horny and looking for more. I'm no longer afraid of doing it, and I'm not ashamed of my 8 inch dick.

Shawn Elder, 33 years


A real python

I felt ashamed of having a small penis and now I can slap a huge dick on my girl's face. It's amazing! It penetrates her so hard, and it wasn't fully inserted, I can hear her scream. It's music to my ears. That's what I call sex.

I would just like to thank Vitrenix for finally showing me what real pleasure feels like!


Chris Williams, 27 years

Try Before You Buy

Because it is a scientific method, Professor Neal is concerned with results, not promises.

This is Professor Neal's personal guarantee, backed up by the manufacturer of the product - so you have nothing to risk!

But there is a condition: when you get these results, tell your friends about it so that they also know about Vitrenix !


You won't even remember when you had a 4 inch penis and even when you felt ashamed when your partner saw it. This is what you have to do to make your penis increase and to give her 5 orgasms in a row.

it's easy, you just need to take a pill a day before sex, and to get better results, take one every day. One during breakfast and another during dinner time. After doing that, continue your life as usual, but, you will start feeling your organism functioning in a very different way. You won't have to change your diet, no more pumps or special exercises; your organism will make your cavernosa grow in size.

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Do you want your wife to experience orgasm every time?
Your answers will help in the research of Professor Christopher Neal
The priority in the study at the moment was given to the age group of
You have reached the target audience
This age group gets a 50% discount on Vitrenix
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This process isn't a miracle, it's simply a scientific method working to improve masculinity. The special, scientific blend of herbs will increase your penis size and make it hard for up to 2 hours. Vitrenix also increases your testosterone, thickens your veins, improves blood flow and libido.

The effects of the treatment with the Vitrenix pills were measured using statistic tests. The results are represented by percentages.

Erection time
Improvement +93%
Orgasms your partner has
Number improvement +89%
Levels of testosterone
Improvement +69%
Penis length
Enlargement +84%
Penis Thickness
Thickening +65%
Time for sexual relations
Improved +57%

Statistic Norm

The most important reason why you should order Vitrenix right now

Now, you will believe that you just found the solution for your embarrassment and insecurity in bed due to your small penis. I know, because I also felt that when I tried my method years ago. But I ask, don't order Vitrenix just yet.


I ask you this because I want you to see the powerful results that can be obtained with these pills.

You need to understand that the secret of the effectiveness of the Vitrenix is in its special mix of four ingredients that help enlarge the penis. Unlike other products that usually have at max two ingredients, Vitrenix mixed the power of four substances that help thicken the cavernosa and each one of them helps in the enlargement process in their own distinctive ways.

Question 4 of 6
Do you want your sex to last longer than 20 minutes?
Your answers will help in the research of Professor Christopher Neal
The priority in the study at the moment was given to the age group of
You have reached the target audience
This age group gets a 50% discount on Vitrenix
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Vitrenix won a prestigious award as the best treatment for penis enlargement in 2022.

#1 Ingredient - Guarana
Is the most important and required substance to quickly thicken the veins and enlarge the penis. This natural ingredient turns the thin veins in wide highways to get more blood flowing to your penis. The cavernosa are stimulated and reinforced. If frequently consumed, you can increase your penis up to a 73.4 %.

#2 Ingredient - Peppermint extract
It's used as an essential oil in Vitrenix because its properties are unique. Contains great amounts of oxygen particles that help improve the transportation of nutrients to the cavernosa. Also, it helps to dilute the blood, so it will make your testosterone filled penis to grow even more. Thanks to these substances you will have a greater desire to have sex, and your sperm will have a better taste - all your partners will feel the difference.

#3 Ingredient - Arctium extract - The plant known as the African viagra. The Arctium extract increases the sensibility of your penis to stimuli. So it's guaranteed to give you an instant and strong erection that will last for up to 30 - 40 min and will help you last longer in bed.

#4 Ingredient - Ginseng extract - the root that increases libido
They have been used for centuries in traditional medicine in China and India. Has many properties, among them, it increases the vital energy, but above everything else, it increases the libido and improves your erections, making them last longer. Also, it helps improve the blood flow to your penis, giving your better and faster erections, your penis won't go flaccid in the time of need. You'll make your partner have multiple orgasms and you won't have any problems.

Question 5 of 6
Do you want your wife to lick your penis every morning?
Your answers will help in the research of Professor Christopher Neal
The priority in the study at the moment was given to the age group of
You have reached the target audience
This age group gets a 50% discount on Vitrenix
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Meet the only person who can free you from these embarrassing sexual issues.

The tests confirm it, that the first effects appear just in a few instants, in less time than it took you to read this text. But I'm 100% sure that your penis won't grow if you don't start RIGHT NOW. This is the moment when you have to take the most important choice: do you decide this is too good to be true, or take the choice of taking action and gaining a pleasurable sexual life, don't forget it comes with an extra 4.3 inches of length.

It doesn't matter if you believe or not if this is a scientific solution for your issues...

It doesn't matter that you have tried other products before...

It doesn't matter if you still believe or not that your partner has faked her orgasms...

Vitrenix is the most secure, affordable and proved solution in existence to enlarge your penis.

But in the end, it's you who must take the choice.

Want to join thousands of men who can show off their 8 inch penis?

I've said it all about this method. You know how it works and how effective it can be, as said by real consumers. But I know it's quite difficult to take the first step to enlarge your penis and improve your sex life. That's why I want to do something more for you. I'm offering my personal assistance. I want to remove any kind of risks when trying the effectiveness of Vitrenix . Simply put, I'll take care of all of it and I propose the following:

Question 6 of 6
Do you want to have sex every night with incredible pleasure?
Your answers will help in the research of Professor Christopher Neal
The priority in the study at the moment was given to the age group of
You have reached the target audience
This age group gets a 50% discount on Vitrenix
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Try Vitrenix at my own risk!

I'm a scientist, that's why I know how much men are affected by embarrassment and self-worth issues in their daily lives. Unfortunately, I can't make your penis grow by itself, nor give multiple orgasms to your partner in your name. What I can do is, help you take the best choice. That's why I'm giving you this simple offer, no tricks.

In 30 days your dick will grow at least 4.3 inches and you'll be able to give up to 5 orgasms to your girl.


Is the simplest offer that exists; you pay only for results, not for promises. To take this offer, just fill the order form.

What you need to know:

100% discretion guaranteed. The orders are packaged in a grey cardboard box, with no logos or any kind of seal or inscriptions that reveal the content of the package. The adhesive tape used is brown colored, also, without any description.

In the case Vitrenix doesn't work for you, I recommend going to the doctor to check if there's something wrong with your penis. If you have no serious issues with the structure of the cavernosa, then there's nothing that could stop you from getting this incredible results. Absolutely nothing!

Can there be a safer choice? Just remember, the quantity of the product is limited. This offer is unique and won't ever be repeated, that's why you need to TAKE ACTION!

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